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Three-Dollar Switch Saves A Fortune

A simple alteration to Omani manufacturer’s production processes reduces costs by $250,000 – thanks to Lean-6 Sigma.

It’s amazing how Lean-6 Sigma can quickly identify fundamental flaws in even the most complex processes. So it was a particular triumph when Lean-6 Sigma saved a steel pipe-manufacturing client $250,000 dollars simply by changing a $3 switch on a complex production line. The manufacturer supplied 6-metre steel piping – but production processes meant that lengths supplied were longer. This was costing a fortune, so after in-depth analysis of production techniques, Lean-6 Sigma’s solution was to dramatically reduce the amount of excess material for each pipe supplied – achieved by replacing a $3 limit switch and replacing a PLC unit.

This deceptively simple solution to a highly complex problem arose from Lean 6-Sigma’s in-depth analytical capabilities, allied to its incisive solution-finding methodologies – a cost-saving, client-pleasing combination!

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