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Yellow Belt

2 Days
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Yellow Belts are often members of project teams, and they may lead improvement activities within their own area. This course teaches the basics of lean and six sigma.

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Yellow Belts are often members of project teams, and they may lead improvement activities within their own area.

Yellow Belt training covers the Lean and Six Sigma tools – and this two-day course focuses on those tools which are most used and most useful. At the end of the course, delegates should have the confidence and the know-how needed to successfully complete simple projects within their own work area.  The course is interactive, fun and extremely practical.

Course Objectives

Lean-six-sigma processes are fast and flexible – and by listening to the voice of the customer, lean projects remove process waste, focusing on achieving more with less. Similarly Six Sigma tackles process variation, and drives root-cause analysis aimed at reducing process variation. At the end of the Yellow Belt course, delegates will:

• Understand the difference between Lean and Six Sigma, and how they are applied

• Understand relevant language and terminology

• Have the confidence to lead small rapid improvement workshops / kaizen activities in their workplace and support larger Green Belt or Black Belt projects.

This course aims to give delegates a good understanding of both Lean and Six Sigma, and is an excellent introduction to the basics. The course provides an overview of Lean and Six Sigma, the approach, the language and how the most used and most useful tools are applied. Most companies use this course to obtain a good grounding in continuous improvement.

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