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Value Stream Mapping

1 day
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This process examines product and information flow, to show how businesses work - and how improvement opportunities can be identified and implemented.

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Successful businesses with efficient, customer-focused processes, constantly strive to be better and more responsive to customer demands. Through Value Stream Mapping, we demonstrate how a business works through product and information flow, helping to identify bottleneck processes and improvement opportunities. Writing the future-state Value Stream Map identifies improvement areas, establishes required resources and skill levels – and (in line with business plans) supports the case for outsourcing or bringing operations in house; this can be handled via project work.

Course Objectives

Wherever there is value, there is a value stream; the challenge lies in seeing it.  By understanding customer requirements, lean process produce what customers want, when they want it. But how do you specify ‘value’ in the customer’s eyes? And how do you know which processes add value? The answer lies in understanding the value stream and having undertaken a Value Stream Mapping exercise, you can shape your processes to produce in accordance with TAKT – the rate at which the customer wants delivery of their product or service.

This one day course aims to introduce the first three principles of Lean, (specify value, assess the value stream and create flow).  Our highly practical and interactive course starts with a process that is cumbersome and making a loss – yet we end up with a process that is flexible and profit-making.

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