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Lean Practitioner

3 days
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Using Value Stream Mapping, this course teaches Lean Practitioners how to lead projects to eliminate process waste and improve practices.

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About Lean Practitioner Training

Using Value Stream Mapping, Lean Practitioners lead projects to eliminate process waste and improve practices. We examine how Lean tools can create process change and develop culture – and how Kano analysis helps to understand customers and design processes that are responsive to customer demand. Value Stream Mapping and Value Stream Design can create efficient processes which are correctly scaled with matching resources. Lean culture pursues Seven Wastes eradication, so we identify waste and learn to complete Gemba Walks. Finally, since Lean workplaces are visual workplaces, 5S, visual management and control are demonstrated as workplace management tools.  Each day finishes with a case study of a real life lean implementation.

Course Objectives

Wherever there is value, there is a value stream; the challenge lies in seeing it – Lean Practitioner’s are experts at delivering customer focussed processes. Processes that are fast and flexible, processes that are responsive to customer demand and processes that have reduced inventories and increased customer value adding activities. This course will teach you how to map business process, to highlight process steps that add to customer value and implement Management Disciplines aimed at creating a sustainable process focussed improvement culture.

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