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Introducing 5S – a foundation lean principal

5S provides a useful structure for improving workplace environments, but the real benefits arise when excellent housekeeping becomes embedded as a key priority in an organisation’s culture. If you visit an office or a manufacturing plant that has a proven track record of high quality and safety, you will often notice how clean and tidy everything is. This is no coincidence. Good housekeeping is both an indicator and propagator of quality and safety.

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Adult Social Care

A Local Authority’s Adult Social Care Department needed to reduce service inefficiencies in response to 5% budgetary cuts whilst maintaining – or preferably increasing – service standards. The key area for review was the Initial Access Team whose members helped clients maintain independence by offering aids and adaptations such as grab-rails, stair-lifts and ramps.

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Early Payment Discounts

An international gas and oil company was losing thousands of dollars in vendor invoice discounts for early payment. These discounts were being missed through inefficient processing, which caused delays in the paying of vendor invoices. The entire payment system therefore required upgrading and streamlining.

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PDO Deployment

A Middle East- based oil and gas company needed to respond to shifting market conditions, such as the uncertain price of oil across the globe and the company’s changing product portfolio, which was moving from primary oil to secondary and tertiary oil. These latter products were more expensive to produce, so the company was experiencing increased costs and reduced revenue.

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