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This is where you’ll find the latest information and updates about Lean Six Sigma and what it can achieve. Read case studies that demonstrate Lean Six Sigma’s remarkable capabilities; check out breaking news stories – and see our Blogs for feedback and opinion.

Designing Visual Management

A UK national hire company wanted to improve quality and productivity so as to achieve world-class status in their market sector. This required 300 nationwide branches and distribution locations being brought within a standardised approach to business process improvement. This would result in universally high standards of service across all branches, generating enhanced customer loyalty and repeat business.

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Where’s the waste?

Facing pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity, a leading construction and services group wanted to increase the number of service inspections completed each day by their engineers. The company had three main clients, all well-known UK mobile phone companies – and engineer tasks included repair and routine maintenance of mobile phone base stations.

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