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University Recruitment

Lean6sigma can be applied in many different organisations and for many different purposes – but wherever it is employed, it can achieve remarkable and massively positive results. Applicable even to what might be considered as perhaps amorphous, immeasurable and difficult-to-define processes - such as staff recruitment - lean6sigma is a robust, precise and powerful tool that can bring about major process improvements.

The Challenge

Taking 93 days to recruit no academic staff the University were loosing good applicants to their competition. Critically review the recruitment process and determine why recruitment took so long and seek to reduce the time taken to recruit.

The Results

  • Time taken to recruit reduced from 93 days to 68.
  • New recruitment 7 wastes acronym created (NOTHIRED).
  • Project provided business case for purchase of software that helped to automate the process.
25 days removed from the recruitment process

Chris supported us to evaluate the efficiency of our recruitment process. His superb knowledge of lean sigma and coaching approach helped us build a case to recommend that the University purchase an e-recruitment system. Chris is down to earth in his style and engages immediately with the audience

Head of HR


University Recruitment

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