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Unposted Invoices

Sometimes, administrative and other processes within large organisations can become unnecessarily complex and costly, simply because no-one within that organisation has had the time (or the resources) to stand back and assess those processes objectively. Under such circumstances, lean6-sigma can step in and apply clear, objective analysis that will cut through even the most unwieldy processes. The result is a clear and new path that will simplify, streamline and improve company functions – resulting in significant time, cost and human resources benefits.

The Challenge

Accounts Payable were responsible for paying invoices that were legitimate and accurate. Any bills not meeting these criteria could not be paid on time. Determine why, in doing so reduce overtime and high levels of stress within the team.

The Results

  • Overtime reduced from 400Hrs / month to 100.
  • Stress levels significantly reduced.
  • Data driven root cause analysis highlighted why invoices weren’t posted.
  • Simplified, new processes negated the need to hire more staff.
Overtime slashed by 75%

Chris quickly built a rapport and networked with key stakeholders he needed to interface with. Chris is very hard working and proactive.
I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Continuous Improvement Manager


Unposted Invoices

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