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Debt Recovery of £900k

The Housing Association began by recognising that it needed to offer more services to residents; however, budgets were not being increased, so improvements had to be made within existing limited resources. Selecting a project that was at very heart of their core business, our Housing Association client focused on debt collection. Specifically, they wanted to understand why tenants fell into arrears and how the Association could improve tenant rental collections.

The Challenge

The London based housing association wanted to recover rental debt. They knew that some residents didn’t pay their rent, but didn’t know why. Determine the root cause for rental debt and establish new rental collection processes.

The Results

  • £900K recovered
  • Three groups of debtor resident identified; ‘cant pay’, ‘wont pay’, ‘help me pay’
  • Cost avoidance of hiring two additional staff
  • Project served as pilot for other projects and an OpEx culture
£900K received in bad debt

Chris is an engaging facilitator with an authentic manner, he is very skilled at making complex subjects accessible for people who have don’t have a technical background. His ability to understand the organisation’s nuances along with his ability focus delivery on agreed outcomes make him a reliable, critical friend.

Head of People


Debt Recovery of £900K

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