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Leader Standard Work

In contrast to the finance driven, shareholder-first business model Lean fundamentally changes business thinking. Thus, creating a ‘Lean Culture’, involves much more than tactical improvements to business processes. The organisation needs to understand and accept the need for change, they must then have the capability to deliver change, coupled with leadership to enable change.
How would you recognise a lean company, how would it differ from any other organisation? What behaviours do lean leaders’ exhibit and how do they create value? Leader Standard Work (LSW) is the ‘Engine Room’ of lean management, it provides a structure and routine that helps leaders shift from a focus on results to a dual focus on process and results. This case study shows how the leadership team from one organisation sought to critically review their activity to ensure they were always adding value.

The Challenge

Create a cadre of leaders who have a dual focus on process and results

The Results

More efficient leadership behaviours and an empowered work force

10% Increase in Value Adding Activity

“LSW helps you step back into the
things you do; it makes you think
before doing – what adds value?
The output is a more structured
agenda, allowing more time for
the important things and less time
on things that add no value
according to your role”

Territory Supply Manager


Leader standard work

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