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Implementing 5S

5S provides a useful structure for improving workplace environments, but the real benefits arise when excellent housekeeping becomes embedded as a key priority in an organisation’s culture. If you visit an office or a manufacturing plant that has a proven track record of high quality and safety, you will often notice how clean and tidy everything is. This is no coincidence. Good housekeeping is both an indicator and propagator of quality and safety.

The Challenge

5S Is a foundation lean principal, it leads to efficient processes, underpins safety and can help win new contracts. More than house keeping 5S can help to reduce staff turnover. What is 5S’s and how do you make it stick?

The Results

  • Increased shop floor space utilisation.
  • Reduced scrap due to stock being out of date being unusable due to degradation and damage.
  • Reduced volume and value of inventory.
  • Creating a clean, safe environment leads to staff retention.
Increase of 50% right first time

At first I wasn’t sure about the benefits of visual management. Now we have it in place I know where things are up to and I can easily find my tools. I am totally converted and would recommend everyone gets involved with daily huddle meetings.

Lead Fitter


Implementing 5S

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