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Hiscox Payment Process

Over a twelve month period staffing levels within the ‘payment and printing team’ at a global insurer were predicted to grow month-on-month.

Forecasted business growth had a corresponding impact on staff levels; more work intuitively meant more people. Demand driven headcount increases were compounded by process inefficiencies and limited approval authority which lead to customer complaints, backlogs and delays. The team were becoming demoralized, they could only see things getting worse.

There was a real concern that high levels of stress would lead to more human error and the whole situation was in danger of becoming a vicious circle. By reviewing and streamlining the process it was possible to improve productivity, but more than increases in capacity, as a service provider to the business the team also needed to offer clear sign posting, ensuring underwriters and customers knew who to contact.

The Challenge

Increasing demand on the ‘Payment & Print’ team, indicated possible headcount increase of 25%

The Results

Units processed per person increased from 3524 to 5462 (55% gain). 7 FTE released from the process.

55% gain Units processed per person increase

The group activities really brought things to Life. The exercises were relevant to our industry, really helped my learning.
Chris was a good facilitator, very knowledgeable and controlled the group. The 1-2-1 coaching helped me to contextualise my project.


Hiscox Payment Process Case Study

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