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Creating Visual Management

Whilst many organisations have recognised the wide-ranging benefits of becoming lean, very few companies truly understand exactly what it entails, resulting in the omission of critical lean elements. By contrast, authentic lean enterprises have commitment at all levels of the organisation, generating a top-to-bottom desire for improvement - and it is often said that ‘the lean workplace is the visual workplace’.

In this context, Visual Management provides a mechanism that depicts the current situation within an organisation, allowing anyone to understand that situation and take consequent action. This case study focuses on how Visual Management can be implemented across multiple sites.

The Challenge

The UK, the client – HSS Hire – wanted a standard approach to visual standards (5S) and visual management (performance boards) across all 300 UK branches.

The Results

  • Design – Pilot – Deploy’, the approach taken for distribution, engineering and sales functions.
  • Mobile 5S shadow boards designed and built, creates shop floor flexibility.
  • Visual Management and daily huddle meetings established; enables everyone to be kept informed.
25% Productivity increase

Professional, efficient, and versatile with excellent communication and engagement skills, Chris is a strong project leader and manager who can be as effective on the shop floor as he can in the board room. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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Designing Visual Management

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