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Root Cause of Burn Marks

Our Omani client, a manufacturer of composite pipes, followed leansix-sigma methodology in order to substantially reduce the number of pipe joint ‘burn marks’ where two pipes were joined together. By identifying the root cause of the burn mark problem, our client dramatically increased customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Omani based pipe manufacturer needed to improve product quality. Burn marks appearing on pipe joints as a result of the curing process led to rework and perceived product degradation. Identify why burn marks occur.

The Results

  • Root cause of burn marks identified as ‘curing blanket overlap’.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • Working methodologies (SOP’s) updated and communicated to all staff.
75% reduction in defects

The training course and coaching delivered by you was wonderful, It was a chance to benefit from such an expertise instruction.
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Root Cause of Burn Marks

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