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Adult Social Care

Local Authorities have a hard job to do these days, especially with on-going budget cuts and increased workloads on often overstretched personnel. However, major improvements can be made if systems can be streamlined and optimised in terms of efficiency, minimisation of task duplication, and better working methodologies. This case study shows the dramatic improvements that can be effected when lean6sigma principles are applied to Local Authority operational processes.

The Challenge

Policy meant every contact made to the team resulted in a home visit to vulnerable residents. But, some contact was inappropriate, resulting in unnecessary home visits. Determine where and why inappropriate contact was made.

The Results

  • Notional, non cashable savings of £27K ≈1FTE.
  • Springboard project for wider project involving NHS Community care.
  • Root cause identified as General Practitioners contacting the team.
  • Staff performance and moral improved, greater capacity to absorb growing service demand.
£27K (1FTE) saved

Chris helped us to reduce the number of inappropriate referrals received by two of our front line teams. The project demonstrated annual notional saving of approx. £27K. It also resulted in more efficient working, improved staff performance and increased capacity to meet the demands of the increasing business.

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Adult Social Care

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