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PDO Deployment

A Middle East- based oil and gas company needed to respond to shifting market conditions, such as the uncertain price of oil across the globe and the company’s changing product portfolio, which was moving from primary oil to secondary and tertiary oil. These latter products were more expensive to produce, so the company was experiencing increased costs and reduced revenue.

Identifying business productivity gaps allowed the company to identify areas requiring Lean transformation. A ‘lean deployment roadmap’ was established to: define the vision; identify key value streams and their leaders; upskill the workforce; ramp up, and focus on sustainment.

Relevant training courses were generated – Lean Basics, Lean Manager and Lean Practitioner. Most of the company received Lean Basics training, around 200 managers attended the Lean Manager course, whilst 100 delegates attending the Lean Practitioner course. These training courses ensured that various work-streams were ‘empowered to act’ and that the company could maximise Enhanced Oil Recovery output for changing markets, running projects that delivered measurable benefits to the company.