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"Who am I? I am Lean 6 Sigma." Chris Kinvig

The training course was wonderful – a chance to learn from expert instruction. The benefit was considerable and significant.”

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Chris Kinvig – Leading Continuous Improvement Consultant

With over 17 years’ experience of delivering business and process change Chris Kinvig is an experienced Continuous Improvement Consultant.  High Profile clients include Royal Dutch Shell, Bosch, Syngenta, HSS Hire and Sanofi.  I can train mentor and deliver programmes that eliminate operational waste and inefficiency.  Together we will directly increase the capacity and productivity of your organisation, in turn these gains will lead to improved competiveness and profitability.

“Chris supported us for eighteen months, he is professional, competent, and has a good ability to connect and bring on board people at all levels of the organization. He really helped us to make our deployment of lean-6 sigma a success – Vice President, Royal Dutch Shell.”

I train individuals, mentor teams and consult with manufacturing and service based industries in the principals and business techniques of lean manufacturing and six sigma.  My contextualised strategies allow for practical application and rapid deployment of lean 6 sigma that deliver high impact, sustainable gains.

“Chris takes a very pragmatic approach to deploying OpEx, linking well with understand business constraints and skilfully navigating through large company politics.  He successfully challenges senior stakeholders to keep the OpEx principles with tact, at the same time he challenges the organisation to stretch the pace of change whilst maintaining the level of engagement. Regional Supply Planning & Operations Manager, Syngenta”

Focus on Results

I am a straight talking, results focussed, experienced and reliable provider of training and consultancy.  My training courses focus on ‘how’, the materials are case study led; using video, exercises and examples taken from real life projects I make complex, often daunting, subjects come to life.  My lean six sigma training courses are practical, hands on and fun.  With a breadth of experience across several industries my consulting style builds trust at all levels of the organisation, by taking time to understand individual business needs I deliver tailored solutions.

“Professional, efficient, and versatile with excellent communication and engagement skills. Chris is a strong project leader and manager who can be as effective on the shop floor as he can in the board room, it has been a pleasure to work with him.” – General Manager, Unipart Expert Practices.

Driving efficiency, improving productivity – lowering costs

If you want to enhance your profitability, productivity and efficiency, you need to improve design processes, reduce defects, get items to market faster – and build customer loyalty by providing ever better products and service. Lean Six Sigma can help you achieve these aims by harnessing a single powerful methodology that arises from a combination of two process practices derived from major global product manufacturers.

Lean (Toyota) focuses on process speed and waste elimination, whilst Six Sigma (Motorola) aims to enhance quality through reduction of defects. Together they create Lean Six Sigma – a potent force for process improvement, which is used successfully worldwide to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Collaborative teamwork aimed at change

Lean Six Sigma is a collaborative effort based on teamwork, co-operation and communication. Using tools such as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) current processes are analysed and changes are made, aimed at improving efficiency, productivity and performance. Training for Lean Six Sigma is provided through a martial arts-style ‘belt’ training system, with each ‘belt’ denoting an individual’s level of ability.

Lean Six Sigma starts with White Belt trainees, and proceeds through Yellow Belts, Green Belts and Black Belts to Master Black Belts. When Lean Six Sigma is put into effect in a production environment, teams are led by trained practitioners who have achieved Green Belt or Black Belt status – with Black Belt practitioners addressing more complex issues. As successive projects are executed, a data-driven culture of continuous improvement develops, so as to secure future productivity success.