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Introducing 5S – a foundation lean principal

5S provides a useful structure for improving workplace environments, but the real benefits arise when excellent housekeeping becomes embedded as a key priority in an organisation’s culture. If you visit an office or a manufacturing plant that has a proven track record of high quality and safety, you will often notice how clean and tidy everything is. This is no coincidence. Good housekeeping is both an indicator and propagator of quality and safety.

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Designing Visual Management

A UK national hire company wanted to improve quality and productivity so as to achieve world-class status in their market sector. This required 300 nationwide branches and distribution locations being brought within a standardised approach to business process improvement. This would result in universally high standards of service across all branches, generating enhanced customer loyalty and repeat business.

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Three-Dollar Switch Saves A Fortune

A simple alteration to Omani manufacturer’s production processes reduces costs by $250,000 – thanks to Lean-6 Sigma.

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